Revolutionizing Delivery: SkyDrop Approved for Live Store-to-Door Drone Delivery in New Zealand’s Huntly!

SkyDrop, formerly known as Flirtey, has recently received Part 102 approval from New Zealand’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to launch their first drone hub in Huntly, New Zealand, making them the first company to be approved for live store-to-door drone delivery in the country. The approval also includes beyond visual line of sight operations, marking a significant milestone for the drone delivery solutions provider as they aim to make drone delivery accessible to larger populations.

SkyDrop is a company that designs and builds drone delivery aircraft and provides delivery solutions to customers worldwide. The recent approval enables the launch of SkyDrop’s first drone hub in Huntly, unlocking revenue-generating drone deliveries with a clear path to economic viability for both SkyDrop and its customers.

The CAA granted approval after reviewing SkyDrop’s technology and operating procedures, which include an onboard Parachute Recovery System that was deemed industry-leading in terms of safety technology. The company has conducted extensive testing in the United States and New Zealand and received approvals from Waikato District Council after engaging with local stakeholders.

SkyDrop’s drone delivery solutions will enable speedier and cheaper delivery for local communities, reducing traffic congestion and greenhouse emissions. This sets the foundation for SkyDrop to scale its operations, with the risk assessment method that secured approval able to be adapted to additional locations to build a nationwide network of drone hubs across New Zealand, as well as in Australia, Canada, and the European Union member countries who all use the JARUS SORA method.

SkyDrop’s Founder and CEO, Matthew Sweeny, expressed excitement to work with the CAA to make New Zealand an innovation leader in speedier, cheaper, and greener last-mile drone delivery. The company is set to launch regular drone deliveries to nearly 10,000 people and businesses in Huntly, with plans to expand to other areas in New Zealand. Businesses and towns interested in drone delivery can reach out to SkyDrop to discuss possibilities.

SkyDrop is a full-stack solutions provider of hardware and software for autonomous last-mile drone delivery, and is the pioneer of the commercial drone delivery industry. The company made history in 2015 by conducting the first-ever FAA-approved drone delivery in the US.

Are you ready for the future of delivery? SkyDrop’s live store-to-door drone delivery is coming to Huntly, New Zealand, with more locations on the horizon.


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