Drone Insurance

Looking for UAV / Drone insurance fully compliant with EC 785/2004, from a specialist insurance company?

Whether you are looking for hobby drone insurance or commercial drone insurance you may need to contact a specialist company.

There are two main types of drone insurance available. You may be able to combine these with one package.

Drone Insurance

Insuring the gadget itself. As we have seen these devices are more than toys and can cost hundreds or thousands. If the device were to crash, or fall into the see and sink, or get damaged, or lost or stolen way there will be a rather large bill to repair or replace the item.

Drone public liability insurance

This type of insurance covers you against costs incurred from accidentally causing damage to a third party’s property or , god forbid, another person. This is the same principle as thrid party car insurance.

There are a number of specialist companies offering these. Or you may be able to find cover using your existing broker.

Here we have a list of companies that may be relevant.

Best Drone Insurance UK


Best Drone Insurance USA

In the United States, drone insurance is becoming increasingly popular as the number of drones in the airspace continues to grow.

There are several reasons why you might want to consider purchasing drone insurance:

  1. Liability coverage: Drone insurance can provide liability coverage in case you are sued for causing damage to someone else’s property or injury to another person while flying your drone.

  2. Property coverage: Drone insurance can cover the cost of repairing or replacing your drone if it is damaged in a crash or other incident.

  3. Business coverage: If you use your drone for commercial purposes, such as providing aerial photography or inspection services, drone insurance can protect your business from potential losses.

There are several companies that offer drone insurance in the United States, and the specific coverage options and costs can vary widely. It’s a good idea to shop around and compare quotes from different insurers to find the policy that best fits your needs and budget.