Best Budget Drones (Under 200)

So here we are looking at the best drone for a budget user, for this we are looking at drones under $200.

Specifically we are looking at the:

  • Holy Stone H260
  • Ryze Tello
  • Ruko F11
For flight, indoor use and stunts our favourite has to be the Tello, though for general features and camera we would pivot towards the Holy Stone Drone especially as it is just under the 250g mark.

Holy Stone H260

Being a sub $100 drone, what can you expect? Well it is no DJI Mavic, but as a ‘toy’ to a full on entry point this is not a bad place to start.

Boasting a HD camera (you are not going to get 4K for this bargain price), 15 minute flight time, pivotable camera (again you are not getting a gimble with this one) and gesture control there is no lack of features.

You do get realtime video if you connect the drone to your phone using their app. 


Drones at this price range do tend to list the features like gesture control and Trajectory Flight where you can plot a flight route using the app and have the drone follow it, they are far from as reliable that the more expensive drones. But if you are looking to put an aircraft in the sky and take some video this is a good starter for not much money.


Holy Stone HS260 Foldable Drone for Kids Adults with 1080P HD Camera Adjustable, RC Quadcopter for Beginners with 30 Mins Flight, Gravity Sensor, Voice Control, Trajectory Flight, Carrying Case

Ryze Tello Drone

Another sub $100 drone, but unlike some others this is a solid tiny drone.

It is not trying to do what others in this price range do, no 4K camera, no gimble, just a static camera and a micro flight time of just 13 minutes, the Ryze Tello does look like a toy and not a major player in the budget drone arena.
BUT, and this is a HUGE thing to consider, is that the Drone’s flight tech was developed with the industry leader of consumer drones DJI. Leading to a very smooth flight and some very cool aerial stunts for good measure. Static photos are a respectable 5mp, though not up to standards with a high end mobile phone is still great if you are looking for a selfie drone.
The drone itself doesn’t feel so much like a toy and great at flying in doors, where some of the cheaper drones that say they are all singing I would only want to fly outside, with a lot of room.



Ryze Tello

Ruko F11 GPS 4K Camera Foldable Drone

Yes, it looks rather clunky. But it is time to check out their features.

Like the above you get the same sort of features, and you are still far from a camera with a gimble, but yes you are now getting a 4K camera and the Follow Me Mode, great for off road cyclers, jogging etc where you want the drone to be able to follow and film an object.

Remember, there is more to a camera than the resolution. It is a case with this one that the camera does produce a bit of a fish eye effect and the colour / saturation levels may not quite be as desired or what you would expect from a more expensive drone.

One BIG thing to note is that this drone is slightly heavier that the magic 250g at 270 g

Ruko F11 GPS 4K Camera Foldable Drone
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