Exo Drones The DJI Giant Killer?

There is a battle in the Drone world and that is Exo Drones vs DJI Drones.

DJI Avata Pro-View Combo
DJI Avata Pro-View Combo

DJI is currently the world leader in the home Drone market

If you are currently unaware at the time of writing DJI accounts for around 75% of the world’s consumer drone market. That is a huge amount of dominance in any market. Adding to this there are dozens of drone brands out there fighting for the remaining ~25% without the thought of being able to take down such a titanic force. BUT relative newcomer Exo Drones have their sights solidly set on disrupting the market, and seem to want to not just displace DJI from their huge majority but also mx up the market so that there is a better mix of brands.

In an interviews with Alien Drones EXO CEO Charlie Cannon states about the beginnings of the company and how they went from what was a value added reseller to a full brand with their own drone technology that has the potential to produce quality drones with novel features at a great price point.

“we had this opportunity to manufacture and then when we saw the cost of all these things to produce we were like okay you know let’s create this line of drones for people like us um for you know people who want a low budget camera drone and something that instead of paying 800 dollars for what if instead of having our price points at you know dji has the 400 500 mini… what if we just kind of slash those in
half so what if it was 200 for the lower tier and then in the middle between four and six for the pro tier with a three axis gimbal”.

EXO Blackhawk 2 Professional 4K UHD Long Range Drone
EXO Blackhawk 2 Professional 4K UHD Long Range Drone

He goes on to say how the whole drone market is basically rejigging generic components and then making some final tweaks to brand the “all they did was change what the button looks like or all they did was change the logo on the top”.

Many drones out there come from the same pool of components “oh this drone is just a rebranded version of this and in reality there is about four main factories over overseas that has all the best technology”.

“we want to be the competitor to dji um i think and that’s not even a very difficult thing to do. I think when companies get extremely big there’s the conception of too big to fail and that’s not how it goes. I think the bigger you get it’s like too big to succeed“.

So then Exo made the big reveal that they will be working closely with “best drone manufacturer in the world which is Hubsan and people think it’s DJI that is the best manufacturer in the world and they were they pretty much invented the drone as we know it in 2012 but 2015 with the phantom 3.”

So the Exo / Hubsan deal is using serious money to make some serious changes and really up the ante in their attempt to position themselves in the global drone market.

“so all of a sudden Hubsan comes around and they’re putting tens of millions of dollars into two lines of drones. For example we’re talking about about another one that’s coming out pretty soon um with us and that drone cost six million dollars to change one camera so to change the sensor on a camera got six million dollars U.S. that’s how hard people are going to take down DJI”

So there is a load going on with Exo Drones and it looks like they are going to be the powerhouse that they set out to be. One of the most exciting things is their included 107 course training, worth around $150 with each drone sold, so even if you buy a budget drone from them you will get the training materials.

Visit Exo Drones for more.

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